Portt & Co’s volunteering day at the RSPCA

Thu, Mar 23, 2023

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Portt & Co strive to make a difference!

A month ago today, on 23rd February, everyone in the Portt & Co team spent the morning volunteering at the RSPCA Animal Centre in West Hatch, Somerset.

We had team members from Romania, Philippines, and all over the UK, come together for a few days of training, team building and goal setting for the future. As a part of this, we wanted to embed our values of helping our local communities, and making a difference for future generations by dedicating our time and energy to the centre.

What did we do?

We split up into 3 teams to focus on various areas across the centre, to make as much difference as we could within the time we had allocated. Read more below.

Pig Wallow for Pamela

Matt Portt, Matt Touchin, Kayleigh, Siobhan and Laurel spent hours digging out a pig wallow for Pamela the piglet, to improve enrichment and her time at the RSPCA. There used to be 3 pigs at the centre, but now Pamela is on her own, it was extremely important to us for her to have the best space possible.

Discovery room entrance

Toni, Sandra and Helen spent their time cutting back and tidying up the greenery at the entrance of the centre’s discovery room. The discovery room is a beautifully painted space where the centre educates young children in the community about animals and wildlife, and the importance of getting involved to protect their future. They cut back overgrown trees and hedges, ripped out bramble bushes, and the entrance looks like a completely new space.

Staining fences

Paula, Amy, Andrada, Diana, Anda and Antonia whipped on their overalls and paintbrushes to give the centre a whole new lease of life! The fences around the site had not been stained, and therefore were prone to rotting. By staining these fences, we have significantly increased the longevity and removed the likelihood of rotting in the future.

We encourage everyone to take some time to help your communities, and make a difference for our friends, families, neighbours, and future generations – better yet, the animals and wildlife who can only survive with our help.

Not only did we help the centre immensely, it was SO much fun, and we built stronger relationships as a team. A few of the team have already planned to go back for a full day of volunteering in the summer!

For more information on the RSPCA and how you can help, click here.