Introducing: Our New Carbon Accounting Service

Mon, Mar 4, 2024

B Corp

Sumday Partnership

We have recently joined forces with Sumday and are really excited to be introducing our Carbon Accounting Service. While carbon accounting may feel new, the demand for it is rapidly increasing.

What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting is the measurement of an organisation’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions come from activities like using fuel and electricity, buying goods and services, waste, business travel and employee commuting.

What are the benefits of carbon accounting?

The UK Government and larger companies have legal requirements to report on the GHG emissions, increasingly companies are also making voluntary ‘net zero’ commitments. Up to now larger companies have mainly focussed on emissions under their direct control (scope 1&2) but the focus is beginning to shift to their supply chain (scope 3), those wishing to be a part of the supply chain of larger companies should therefore expect to be able to report on their GHG emissions in the years ahead and show their progress against a ‘base year’.

As a business authentically focussed on doing our bit for the planet, I can honestly say that we have benefited from both new customers coming to us directly, increased lead conversion and candidates making direct applications via our careers page as a result of our sustainability credentials. There are lots of companies making green claims through their marketing, but accurate carbon accounting and reporting enables you to back up your own claims to demonstrate your efforts are authentic. We will work out the best ‘intensity factor’ for your business such as Co2e per person so that even for growing companies we can still meaningfully show progress.

Aside from the business benefits, carbon accounting is the best way to understand the impact your business has on the planet and enables you to focus your efforts on the areas that have the most meaningful impact, to ensure we leave a lush and prosperous planet for our future generations.

What do you need to start?

Although we’re using the term carbon accounting, you can think of us as carbon bookkeepers, because we undertake your bookkeeping, we have access to most of the information we need and our new partnership with ‘Sumday’ directly pulls in this data from Xero where we recategorise your financial information based on carbon categorisations and add in additional information such ask the amount of electricity used from your utility bills.

The first step is therefore to ask us to undertake a carbon accounting readiness assessment report.

Our carbon accounting services are currently in a closed trial for existing clients, whilst we fully develop the full scope of our service offering and pricing, as such it is heavily discounted for early adopters.

Why Sumday? is our online carbon accounting platform that helps streamline the entire process. Sumday’s market leading features enable businesses to:

  • Leverage existing financial data from Xero
  • Access reports with full transparency on how the numbers came to be
  • Visualise results across beautiful dashboards
  • Engage with your supply chain and pass on free support to them

If you have any questions about this service or would like some more information please complete our carbon accounting enquiry form here

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