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Remote Finance Director

Founder of Portt & Co

Using an outsourced Finance Director means that you can bring in a wealth of financial and entrepreneurial experience to your business, without incurring a six-figure salary.

What is an outsourced Finance Director?

Most small businesses don’t have the money to employee a finance department, which is where our outsourced services come in. Like all in-house departments, we can give you financial insight at the different levels you require.

Our Finance Director service means that you get all the expertise on an arrangement that suits your business, such as as a few hours or days a month.

Remote Finance Director – what are the benefits?

As we’ve mentioned above, using an outsourced Finance Director means that you save money on what would have been a six-figure salary. You can also be more flexible; many small businesses don’t have the need for full-time input. With us, we work to an arrangement that suits you, which usually equates to a few hours or days a month.

An outsourced or ‘virtual’ Finance Director will use their knowledge from working with a range of clients and industries. This means they are constantly staying abreast of latest developments and can share on non-confidential experiences which may benefit your business.

An excellent outsourced Finance Director will also hold you accountable for delivering your mission-critical tasks. Small business owners are often diverted to urgent, but not important tasks, which don’t help with growth strategies.

At Portt & Co, we’re systems specialists, which means we can review your existing processes, recommending and implementing efficiencies through automation and simplification with quality control built-in.

Remote working

We were using Zoom and Microsoft Teams before it was cool. We service clients across the world using remote conferencing technology but meet clients wherever possible to build trusting relationships.

Finance Director

Most small businesses have a profit & loss but may not be capturing all income and costs within the right month within a few weeks of each month-end. Fewer still understand their profitability by customer/channel and product/service. This information can be used to discuss altering those relationships to drive increased profitability and ensuring resources are deployed where they have the most significant impact.

Most small business owners work too many hours for too little money. By gaining a greater understanding of the profit and cash drivers, we can often significantly reduce activity without having a material impact on profitability, in some cases reducing activity can increase profitability.

Often, financial budgets are poorly constructed with little detail behind the assumptions. We build our forecasts and budgets around the key profit drivers, meaning that the budgets are more accurate, and importantly, we can track actual performance v budget at a granular level. For example, ‘We hit our overall income budget this month, but are short on gross profit because we sold more of low margin product A and not enough of high margin product B. As demand is high for product A we should put through a price increase there while focusing our sales efforts on product B’.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it...

We initially hired Portt & Co to outsource our day-to-day financial tasks but we were so impressed with their service, professionalism and desire to truly collaborate with us that when we looked to replace our Finance Director we approached Matt to take over the role and haven’t looked back since and we have great financial oversight, challenge and a highly efficient financial department as a result.

Andrew Wallis OBE CEO, Unseen

Having Matt as our finance director enables me to focus on the expansion of our business, knowing that a skilled and experienced professional is constantly monitoring our margins, KPIs, cashflow and financial controls. Matt and his team have introduced extremely efficient and well-thought-out processes to our financial systems, meaning we are able to use the most innovative technology for our financial reporting and forecasting.

Alex Stewart Managing Director, PACK'D

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