Cloud Accounting

We’ve built innovation and the latest cloud software into the heart of everything we do as part of our mission to eliminate pointless data entry.

What is cloud accounting?

​The term cloud accounting or cloud-based accounting refers to accounting software which is accessed and stored online, rather than the traditional desktop applications which are stored on the hard drive.

What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

Easy to maintain

With traditional accounting, you may have to download additional software to keep it updated. Cloud-based accounting means that regular updates are installed easily to all users without any additional effort on your part.

Real-time data

Data is available in real time due to automations, which is vital when looking at your cash position and making strategic decisions.

On the go

Cloud software is available to access via an app, so you can check your accounts on your phone or tablet, providing you have an internet connection. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘remote working’.


Your data is encrypted and stored in several locations online so that your money is safe and secure. Your advisors (people like us) have access to your accounts, so there’s no passing of data over email or USBs.

Reducing carbon emissions

A benefit that often gets forgotten is the reduced impact on the environment when compared to ‘traditional’ software. Cloud accounting reduces the need for paper and produces electronic invoices. You also use fewer servers and use them more efficiently, reducing your energy use and carbon footprint!

Xero Gold Partner

​Cloud accounting is becoming more popular and it’s something that we actively encourage our clients to consider.

As an outsourced finance department, we believe that this innovative approach to accounting enables our clients to work more efficiently with us.

We’re proud to be listed as a ‘Gold Partner’ with Xero, award-winning accounting software for small sized businesses. Our clients can share access with us so they can keep an eye on their accounts, while we do the work.

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