National Tree Week 2021

Tue, Nov 30, 2021

Carbon Neutral

As a Climate Positive Workforce with an Ecologi forest which is home to over 4,000 new trees, we wanted to highlight ‘National Tree Week’ and the important role that they play.

What is National Tree Week?

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest tree celebration and is being held from 27th November to 5th December this year.

The purpose of the celebration is to mark the start of the winter tree planting season and is celebrated by the charity, The Tree Council.

Trees fight climate change

Most carbon offsetting tools will combat your carbon footprint with tree planting schemes. This is because trees play a huge part in mitigating climate change by absorbing CO2, storing the carbon and releasing the oxygen. This process helps to filter and purify the air we breath and removes excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

A fully grown tree can absorb anything from 21 to 25kg of CO2 in a year.

A home for wildlife

Trees are home to a wide variety of wildlife, from bugs to birds, trees provide vital shelter and food for a diverse selection of species.

In the UK, trees are known for woodland creatures, such as squirrels and owls, but in other areas of the world, rainforests are home to endangered and vulnerable species, like the Bornean Orangutan, Hyacinth Macaw and Golden Lion Tamarin.

Can trees benefit mental health?

The short answer is yes, trees do have a positive impact on our mental health. Studies have shown that those living in cities suffer more with their mental health, which has been linked to noise, pollution and overcrowding.

Ecotherapy is a type of treatment for depression which takes place in a ‘green environment’ and is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world.

Forests not only offer surroundings which are beautiful to look at, but they also activate your other senses by providing scents and sounds which play a role in reducing stress levels.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, daily exercise and walks were permitted during lockdowns, with many flocking to their nearest green space to feel a sense of calm.

Why are trees important to us?

At Portt & Co trees are important to us for all the reasons above and so much more.

One of our aims is to create a better future, by planting trees today we’re not only helping to combat climate change, but creating a greener landscape to be admired by our future generations.

You can view our virtual forest with Ecologi here and see where our trees are planted and what purpose they have.