National Payroll Week 2020

Mon, Sep 7, 2020


We’re supporting and celebrating National Payroll Week.

Established 22 years ago, National Payroll Week celebrates the payroll profession and the impact the industry has on the UK economy.

This year, the dedicated week of recognition takes place between 7-11th September, with the theme ‘Keeping the UK Paid’. 2020 has been a challenging year, with payroll professionals being tested more than ever before. 

Since the introduction of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, over 8 million UK employees have been furloughed. We are very lucky to have a team of dedicated and skilled payroll experts, who worked tirelessly to understand the details of the scheme, ensuring our clients received the same high standard of service.

To date, we have claimed a total of £2,114,038.35 for our clients’ employees.

The efforts of payroll specialists from across the UK hasn’t gone unnoticed. In a letter to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), The Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP offered his support of National Payroll Week, noting the importance that payroll professionals have on the UK economy:

‘Payroll professionals play an important role in supporting the UK economy by collecting tax and National Insurance contributions, and CIPP’s work in encouraging and educating employers has had a positive impact on implementing wider government policy, including in the difficult times presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

I am grateful for the dedication of payroll professionals in rising to the challenges COVID-19 has brought. I am delighted to support the week and encourage as many employers as possible to take part.’

For National Payroll Week, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the benefits of choosing to outsource your payroll. Here’s our top five:

Outsourcing your payroll activity means that you can focus and get back to doing what you do best, running and developing your business. 

Cost Saving

Many small businesses find that outsourcing their payroll services is much more cost effective. You won’t just save money on hiring and training a new employee, there’s software and additional resources to consider too. 


Being responsible for running payroll for multiple businesses means that our Payroll Specialists truly are experts in their field. They’re fully up-to-date on the latest processes and legislation, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time. 


As we’re responsible for paying the workforce of our clients, it’s important to us that we get it right. We have a number of checks in place to ensure that your most valuable assets are paid correctly, on time and working to HMRC guidelines. 


Anyone that thinks payroll is just a one day a month job has obviously never done it. There’s so much more than hitting that ‘pay’ button. When running your own business there’s simply not enough time in the day to get everything done. Outsourcing your payroll services means that you can try to get more of a work-life balance. 

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