Food Waste Action Week

Fri, Mar 11, 2022

B Corp

We are helping to increase awareness of Food Waste Action Week. Throughout the process of becoming a Certified B Corp, it came apparent which areas we wanted to make a key focus for us at Portt & Co.

One of those key areas is to reduce and minimise waste, which includes food waste. Did you know, in the UK we waste 6.5 million tonnes of food waste, of which 4.5 million is edible!

How does food waste affect the planet?

Food waste is responsible for between 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions, but according to WRAP, one of the globe’s leading sustainable charities, only 37% people in the UK see a clear connection between food waste and climate change.

If each of us made small changes to our lifestyles, we could significantly reduce the amount of food waste and save ourselves a few pennies in the process!

Our top tips to reduce food waste

Make friends with your freezer

Some people see their freezer as a fortress of ice, only venturing in to rescue the ice cream. To be more efficient with your meals, you should really see your freezer as one of your great kitchen resources.

  • If you regularly buy fresh fruit and veg but find it goes mouldy before you get a chance to finish it, consider switching to frozen fruit and veg.
  • The freezer is a great place for things you often find yourself throwing away. 20 million slices of bread are thrown away everyday in the UK. If you know you won’t finish your loaf, pop some of it in the freezer. All you need to do is get out a slice to defrost when you plan to use it.
  • Make a date with your freezer. How many of us have gone to make dinner and realised we don’t fancy it?! Think about all those meals we’ve bunged in the freezer for ‘another time’. Well don’t forget them. Aim to eat from your freezer once a week and regularly go through the shelves to see what’s in there.

Get organised

Like most things in life, reducing food waste becomes a lot easier with a bit of organisation.

  • Sort those cupboards! A really simple way to reduce food waste is by having a good sort out and tidying those cupboards. By being able to see exactly what you have, you’ll stop buying duplicates of things and in turn, reduce your waste. It’s not just the cupboard though, don’t forget to make sure you know what’s in your fridge and freezer too.
  • Get list writing. Find yourself randomly wandering the aisles questioning what you have and what you need to buy? You need a list! By writing and sticking to a list there’s a better chance of you only buying what you really need. Here’s a handy tip, write the list on your phone, it’s paperless and reduces the chance of you leaving it on the kitchen table!
  • Plan those meals. Planning meals is another way to reduce waste. Start by going through your food at home to see what you already have. Base your meals around this and then use your list to jot down any additional things you need.

Be adventurous

One of the common reasons for wasting food is not fancying what you’re planning to eat. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone.

  • Spice up your mealtimes by trying new things to avoid that same old routine.
  • Look up new recipes online. Have a few random bits that need using up? Take a look at what you could make, who knows you might just find your new favourite dish.
  • Don’t go by date. It may seem rebellious, but it makes sense. So much food goes to waste due to the date on the packaging. Too Good To Go is working with some of the world’s biggest food brands to shake up the labelling of products, using a ‘Look, Smell, Taste, Don’t Waste’ pictogram. Take a look here.


If you want to find out more about food waste, visit Love Food Hate Waste