Food and Drink Trends 2021 – Hard Seltzer

Mon, Mar 22, 2021

Food and Drink

Hard seltzer is predicted to be one of the next food and drink trends for 2021. With that in mind, we spoke with Hugo Hodgson to find out more about his hard seltzer brand, Long Shot Drinks.

As an outsourced accounting firm specializing in the food and drink industry, it’s important for us to keep up to date with the industry and look out for trends with predicted rapid growth.

What is hard seltzer?

Hard seltzer is alcoholic sparkling water, usually fruit flavoured. Due to their low sugar content, they offer a low-calorie option which is also suitable for those on a vegan or gluten-free diet.

Hugo told us how Long Shot Drinks differs from other brands on the market:

Most hard seltzers use fruit flavourings, however, we wanted to take it a step further and use all-natural fruit juices. Our range celebrates classic British flavour combinations and champions the brilliant fruits that grow right here in the UK.

Traditionally hard seltzers are transparent, however by using natural fruit juices, Long Shot Drinks pour out the colour of their ingredients, which gives them a unique appearance.

Where did Long Shot Drinks originate?

The idea for Long Shot Drinks first came from a chance trip to the US in 2019. Hugo noticed everyone getting really excited about the new ‘hard seltzer’ concept. He loved what he found but felt there was something missing and set out to create a version that would work for the UK market.

Long Shot was also born from a desire for higher quality ‘lighter’ alternatives. We got bored of most on-the-go drink options being overly sweet or too calorific, so we decided to take a punt (or ‘Long Shot’) on this new drink trend and create it ourselves.

Why hard seltzer is set to be a new trend?

With hard seltzer joining the likes of carob and kimchi as this year’s predicted trend, we asked Hugo why he thought hard seltzer was on the list.

Now more than ever consumers are questioning their regular food and drink habits. They’re tired of the same old options, and where possible want to shop and support small. This shift has seen huge rise in more niche categories in the drinks market – such as the more recent craft beer and gin explosions.

The signs are starting to show that hard seltzers may well be the next big innovation in the drinks space – and whilst alcohol will never be ‘healthy’, the hard seltzer wave does bring with it a simpler, less calorific option for today’s drinkers, that can fit into an active lifestyle.

For these reasons, we see it following the same success it has seen in the US – where hard seltzers have achieved an almost cult-like status in the States with a younger, meme-obsessed audience, and has stolen significant areas of the market away from more traditional beer and spirit sales.

 Where can you buy Long Shot Drinks?

All this talk of hard seltzers has left us feeling rather thirsty.

If you fancy tasting Long Shot Drinks current range, you can order a case through their website.

They are also available through Amazon and are listed with a growing number of independent speciality shops and off-licenses. Hugo and the team have big plans to get Long Shot on the shelves of your local supermarket before too long. Watch this space…


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