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Food and Drink Accountants

With clients across the food and drink supply chain, we’re experienced in helping businesses to identify, plan and reach their goals.

The food and drink sector is our bread and butter (did we really just say that?!). At Portt & Co, we support a wide range of producers and manufacturers across the spectrum of food and beverages. 

Supporting the food and drink industry

Contributing £230 billion to the economy, the food and drink sector is one of the largest in the UK. This is why it’s crucial to ensure you have the right accountant who will provide you with accurate data, solid financial advice and genuine support for your business and products.

Working with such a varied range of businesses means that we have a wealth of experiences to draw upon. Whether you’re selling directly to consumers or to supermarkets, we can assist and advise you on how to get the best from your business.

In order to be successful in the highlycompetitive FMCG market, you need to have a firm grip on your financial position. By using cloud-based software like Xero, we can help you to automate processes which will not only save you time, but provide you with real-time data so that you can make the best financial decisions possible.  

Growth is an important factor in this dynamic and fast-moving sector, which means forecasting and managing that growth is vital to your business and financial decision making. Having a remote Finance Director with expertise in the FMCG sector is a real benefit to your business. We can advise you on pricing agreements, dealing with supermarket chargebacks and promotional activity. 

Managing cash flow is important to any growing business, which is why we’re experienced in managing invoice finance, meaning less stress for you and more liquidity for the business.  

We value our relationship with Portt & Co and see them as an extended arm to our team. It’s a relief knowing that we can trust everything to be handled professionally and accurately. We would happily recommend their outsourced finance services. Mallow & Marsh

Available services:

If you would like to learn more about our outsourced finance services and how they can benefit you, get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail and for a personalised quote. 

Working remotely means that postcodes are a thing of the past! The majority of our food and drink clients are in London, but our services are available across the UK (and beyond). Don’t just settle for the accountant down the road, find one who has knowledge in your industry!

Using Business as a Force for Good

Consumer habits are changing, more focus is on conscious shopping.

Shopify’s 2022 Future of Commerce Trend Report highlighted consumers growing concern over the environment and how that is impacting their purchases.

At Portt & Co, we’re delighted to be part of a growing community of people using business as a force for good.

We received our B Corp certification in February 2022 and are proud to be one of over 700 organisations in the UK to receive this.

The community is growing, and more food and drink brands are applying to be part of this global movement.

The B in B Corp stands for ‘benefit for all‘, which means as a business we create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders!

Did you know...

97 %

of the UK’s food and drink manufacturing businesses and employers are SMEs

# 1

biggest manufacturing industry in the UK

£ 230 bn

spent on food and drink in the UK each year

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