What Our Clients Say


We value our relationship with Portt & Co and see them as an extended arm to our team. It's a relief knowing that we can trust everything to be handled professionally and accurately. We would happily recommend their outsourced finance services.

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie Founder - Mallow & Marsh

Portt & Co support us with payroll. This has been vital for us as Payroll is a complex process. It ensures that all of our staff get paid correctly every month, and our staff are the core of what we do. All the staff at Portt & Co are excellent, they are supportive and answer any questions that I need to ask. Jenna in particular has been excellent. She is very supportive and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Portt & Co. The customer service is excellent and staff always get back to me in a timely fashion.

Philippa Chief Operating Officer, bibic

We love working with Portt & Co! Great work and support – and awesome to have an aspiring B Corp as our financial support!

Jenny Costa CEO - Rubies in the Rubbles

Portt & Co process our payroll and are always there to offer support/provide information when required. After ongoing issues with our previous provider we made the decision to change to Portt & Co (and have never looked back). The move to Portt & Co was a no brainer, they made the on boarding process seamless and were always on hand to help – I wish we’d moved over to them sooner! Fabulous service with a great team. I like the fact they take ownership of anything you raise with them and get back to you in a timely fashion! We would definitely recommend them, they feel like an extension of our team rather than an external provider.

Blue Motor Finance

The staff I deal with are very personable and I seem to deal with the same people which is lovely to not feel anonymous which you often do with a larger company. I like the personal connection I have with these guys. They are friendly, helpful and I have never waited any length of time for a response. When I met Portt & Co life became so much better for me. I felt like there was a two-way relationship and they cared about what was important to me. I have always appreciated their transparency as a company, and I feel part of their journey as a client of their company. This means a huge amount. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Becky Creative Director, New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing

I settled on the idea of finding a big, reassuring brand and signed up with KPMG Small Business Accounting. There was no partnership or true understanding of our business. It was an intentionally limited ‘product’ and offered at arm’s length. Knowing the need we had for a highly personal, flexible and credible accounting partner, a contact of ours put us in touch with Matt Portt. Ever since, there has been no reason to look elsewhere. I see Matt and the team as our safety blanket, making sure we never fall foul of the rules and constantly going beyond the call of duty. I rely on Portt & Co to do what they are experts at, freeing up the time I desperately need to focus on my own expertise and deliver for my clients.

Warren Director, MadlinHanna Consulting

Portt & Co assist us with our bookkeeping and accounts. They are on hand to help with many other things such as tax issues, financial software integrations and coming up with finance solutions. We were managing this internally before we were introduced to Portt & Co at the right time, as we were growing we needed more help and specialist advice. We’ve found it great working with Portt & Co and would recommend them to other businesses. The staff are lovely, and always on hand to help. During lockdown they’ve been great at jumping on calls to go through all in person, and make sure all angles are covered!


As the charity was rapidly growing we needed to improve the financial controls and reporting and then management to ensure we were and remain a well-run and financially knowledgeable organisation. By working with Portt & Co, we achieve this and more. As they are the experts, we don’t have to waste valuable time distracted from our mission as we know they have got our back always.

Andrew Wallis OBE CEO, Unseen